How To Apply And Remove Nail Wraps

ManicureFX nail wraps are the fastest, easiest and perfect way to do a manicure at home. The nailwraps are self adhesive and do not require any heat or any curing. 

Once applied properly they will not come off with your regular day to day activities like washing and bathing. Please see below how to remove section.

!! BONUS TIP !! Apply Before Bed Time. It gives good time for the wraps to make a bond with the nail surface and will last longer. And make sure you do not use lotion before or after the application that day on your hands as it will prevent the wraps to adhere properly.

Please read below the simple instructions and also watch the video instructions at the bottom of the page about how to use and put on nail wraps.

Step 1. Wash Hands.

Often overlooked but very important step of the application is washing the hands before using the nail wraps. Our hands have oils that prevent the nail wrap to stick properly on to the nails as the oil comes in contact with adhesive. For a good application that goes on for days always clean and wash your hands with soap before application.

Step 2. Buff Nail Surface Slightly (Optional).

Buffing your nail surface helps for people who experience issues with nail wraps not sticking to your nails or sticking to some nails and not to other. It is because some nails have small bumps and irregular surface or some people have natural very shiny nail surface that causes the wrap to not stick properly and fall off. In case you have issues then buffing the nails before application helps.

Step 3. Use Alcohol Swabs Provided To Clean Nails.

clean nails

This step is in conjunction to the previous step to further clean your nail before putting on the nail wraps. This ensures proper sticking of the nail wrap and it will not fall off.

Step 4. Choosing The Right Size.

This is also an important step. Always select a nail wrap that is one size smaller of the width of the nail you are picking for. If your nail wrap is bigger it will touch the skin and it will not form a complete seal and the nail wrap will not stick properly and fall off much earlier than it is supposed to.

choose right size

Step 5. Remove Plastic Clear Cover.

There is a thin plastic clear coating on the wraps. Please remove the coating first. This coating is there to protect the nail wraps.

Step 6. Peel The Nail Wrap From Top Side.

Carefully peel from the top side of the nail wrap. This side will be filed away as the length of the wrap is bigger than the nails.

Please be careful not to touch your skin/hands to the adhesive side as it will reduce the stickiness of the wrap.

Step 7. Place The Nail Wrap On To The Nail.


Align the bottom of the wrap just below the cuticle and use your other finger to gently press and stretch the wrap to remove any bubbles. 

It take some practice so give yourself some time to adjust with it and in couple of attempts you will become a pro :) guaranteed. 

Step 8. File Excess.

file excess

Use downward motion of the file provided to remove the excess nail wrap.

Step 9. Apply Top Coat (Optional)

ManicureFX nail wraps are high quality wraps that do not loose their gloss or shine even wearing days after days. The top coat is not needed for that purpose.

But if you want to extend the life of the wrap you may apply a top coat. it is not required and is an optional step if you want to prolong the length of the stickiness of the wrap.  Note: some top coats make the nail wrap to shrink a little but most of the top coats go fine with them. You will need to experiment which top coat goes well with the nail wraps.

Step 10. Avoid Water To Hands For Few Hours. 

The first 2 or 3 hours after you put on the nail wraps are important as in that time the adhesive is still bonding to the nail. Please avoid going to shower or any activity that exposes hands to water in the first 2 to 3 hours.


How To Remove.

  • Put your nails in a warm bowl of water for 3 minutes.
  • Slightly raise a corner of the nail wrap with cuticle stick and gently peel off to remove. If the adhesive is still very strong then soak nails in warm water for 3 - 5 minutes to loosen the adhesive and then remove.
  • Gently peel the nail wraps.
  • Wipe any residual adhesive with soapy water.